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  1. I wouldn't mind if someone made me a avatar and sig, it don't matter who does it
  2. I hear how people really want a forum for tech support, why not make a thread for it? Just type your technical issue and wait for an answer! Anything from making websites to where to find a free hosting site!
  3. I'm looking to buy a new PC, I will be using Paint.NET along with games and etc. what do you think I should get a laptop or a desktop PC ? It doesn't really matter about the prices its just which one is best for programs such as Paint.NET.
  4. Most laptops won come with a firewire port but you can buy them easil off ebay for just a tenner, so is not that bad if it doesnt
  5. I don't mnd if anyone could make me a set of an avatar and sig, anything please?
  6. Alt+256 doesn't have a symbol so I just left it blank, ill edit it out now.
  7. This is a little pizza parlour as well lol, I made in like 10 minutes using just 1 pixel at a time, lol!
  8. Not really... Its a tutorial on how to use letters that are not on the keyboard!
  9. With these codes you must hold ALT then type the number in on the far right numbers (the NUM pad) on your keyboard NOT with the numbers above the letters I'm typing with! You will need Num lock on. Here are the codes: á = ALT+160 â = ALT+131 ä = ALT+132 à = ALT+133 å = ALT+134 ã = ALT+198 é = ALT+130 ê = ALT+136 ë = ALT+137 è = ALT+138 í = ALT+161 î = ALT+140 ï = ALT+139 ì = ALT+141 ó = ALT+162 ô = ALT+147 ö = ALT+148 ò = ALT+149 õ = ALT+228 ú = ALT+163 û = ALT+150 ü = ALT+129 ù = ALT+151 Á = ALT+181 Â = ALT+182 Ä = ALT+142 À = ALT+183 Å = ALT+143 Ã = ALT+199 É =
  10. Like the title says Whats your favourite console?
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