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  1. Sorry xD I just got lazy but Ill try to use it next time.
  2. Like if someone if punching, I would want a flame on the fist so its like a fire punch. How do you do that?
  3. As a glow, I mean a glow around the particular picture or text. Can it be done?
  4. By the way, is there a plug in or option where you can put a strip of black on, and on that strip you can put your name on it?
  5. After I save the picture, it turns out theres no boarder, so how do I add one? Either a simple one or a more advanced boarder.
  6. Wait. After I deselect it, you can still see a distinct line that was suppose to be the box, its not outlines or anything, its just a half transparent line, how do I get rid of that?
  7. When I add a picture to the page, it has this outline of the whole picture and I can't do anything outside of that outline. Is there a way to get rid of that line so the picture is in and I can do text and all that anywhere instead of being restricted to the outline?
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