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  1. hey im shutterbug. ive been using paint.net off and on for photo editing for a while cause i couldnt afford adobe products. i just recently got into using it as design software. i joined the forum to troubleshoot the program, but i really like the other users on here.
  2. neat sig. I love how you used the diagonal line to give it texture! 8/10
  3. when i do that the canvas is still the wrong size. and when i resize it if my newly resized image is in a wrong place it cuts part of it off. am i just gonna have to play the guessing game with this program as to where to place your image?
  4. Hey clearly I'm new here, and yes I have spent the better part of 30 minutes searching the forums for an answer to my question. I am currently building a signature banner. My canvas size is 500px x 150px. I go to layer>import from file> and place my image, my canvas size changes. If I try to resize the image everything gets resized as a whole. And if I resize the canvas it cuts off part of my image that I just placed, and when I move my image it stays cut off. I guess what I am trying to say is I want to be able to resize my newly placed image without resizing the whole canvas. Thanks!
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