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  1. I agree. Thanks for the plugin. Even though it does look more like an oval when it renders, it can always be cropped to the desired outcome.
  2. I found a solution to plugin installation on Vista. I found out that there wasn't an extract here option when installing the plugins to their proper place, and the solution to this is to manually copy each plugin individually (if it comes in a pack) to the effects folder and then unblocking each one. After doing this, the plugins now work. Thanks for the much needed help. It has helped me come to realize something as I have tried this yesterday on an XP and it worked. I just had to do something slightly different for Vista.
  3. I tried it again, but something seems to be going wrong and keeps saying that the folder is empty.
  4. This is one of the ways I tried installing the plugins: The 4th image that isn't here said that the folder was empty.
  5. Do I still place the plugins in the effects folder for pdn on my c drive?
  6. I've tried that also, sometimes it appears, and sometimes it says that the folder is empty. I got confused at a certain point, so I started over, extracted the files and then unblocked them. I then went to see if they installed, but they didn't.
  7. When I put it in the folder, should it look like this?
  8. Like the tutorial in the link you provided, I save the plugins, and place them in the effects folder for paint.net. I then unblock them (if needed) in properties, leave it and then I go to paint.net. The Ed Harvey effects should appear in the effects menu where they should be, but don't appear. I think there is something I'm missing. Nothing else is in the effects folders except for the plugins.
  9. I have v3.22. I tried the Ed Harvey effects and various others, yet I get the same result.
  10. I've extracted the plugins that needed to be and then I put them where the tutorials say to do, and it still doesn't do anything. Sometimes I'll go to the effects folder and it will say there are no contents in the folder, but when I download, there are. I'll still try what you said first though.
  11. I agree with the first post on the first page. I'm using Windows Vista and have the same problem. For the dll files, I save then and place them in the effects folder. I then get to the point where I can choose unblock for the plugins I download yet it doesn't work. I either get the error message saying that the image type isn't recognized and can't be opened, or nothing happens. For the plugins that aren't dll, I saved them, extracted them and went to the file types folder, since that is where the non-dll plugins go, according to some of the tutorials on plugin installation. None of the plugin
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