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  1. :AddNoise: I have a new sig! :AddNoise: And yes, that was a test of the new tag...
  2. wiki (Wiki this) ??? :?: :?: :?: *Clicks on link* :shock:
  3. http://funtastikcreations.zxq.net/js/mootools-release-1.11.js Mmmmmooooooooottttoooooooooooolllllsssssss!! I used this link when I was replacing Lightbox 2 with Slimbox on my website
  4. RANT: *Bordom attacks MIX_M@N as he continues to talk in the third person after four days...* *MIX_M@N is now bored* Hmmmmmm...... *MIX_M@N makes long, depressing sighs as he struggles to think of an idea.* Hmmmmmm...... *His mind melts as he begins to go brain dead* Hmmmmmm...... ...... *MIX_M@N asks,"Does anyone know what I could do?"* *MIX_M@N waits for an answer* Hmmmmmm...... ............
  5. That sounds painful.... Anyway.... My website is alive... It's AlIvE! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Check it out! *Eye twitch* ↓
  6. I have a new website! Thanks to -Expiration- for inspiration Come see the gallery and stuff I hope this isn't Spam... If it is I'll stop... But I'm not selling anything on the site... And there aren't ads... I don't know... Just come look! (Still under construction)
  7. I have an announcement... :shock: Wither is on the forums! :shock: *claps frantically in mass hysteria*
  8. I know... It's so hard to forget such a wonderful person like MIX_M@N :wink: [/conceitedness]
  9. Finally, my website is made! It has nothing on it yet, but its near done! All I need to do is make a logo, add pictures, files, and links, and fix it up a bit Yyyyyyyyyeeeeeesssss! Go to the link in my sig...
  10. Do I see a second -Expiration-(Whose work is incredible)? :wink: Nice Work! Those are awesome!
  11. image #1 Ooooooohhhhhh! More HTML!
  12. Yes...Together *Eye twitch* :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: [/spazz out] Anyway... I need help with the web image viewer, "Lightbox 2" And i think i messed it up... (The "media page on my website has it, but its messed up) I just need to know how to make it work... Thanks to those who help... EDIT: Nevermind, I Got it! :oops: The html was looking for the wrong pic :oops:
  13. camp timberlee songs Ok.... *MIX_M@N continues to talk in the third person*
  14. RANT: How are you posting while running on a treadmill? Grrrr...?
  15. *usedHONDA waits for CMD to thwarp sabrown100 with a big book on CSS* I edited this and posted it in the off-topic
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