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  1. Speaking of sigs.... I have a new sig/av combo! And my website is updated! ↓Go there↓
  2. Why Flash? Why not PdN? Usually Flash is for animation... 2/10
  3. SO was I! Hidden Content: April Fools! 400th post
  4. RANT: My sig is soo good, it hurts my eyes! and im kewltastik
  5. Me lkie haerts thes kewln and l3e7! I eat tehm for Brekfst :twisted: :twisted: 10000000/1
  6. :shock: I wish i was as good as u r at PAINT.Net You r L337 11/10
  7. *slaps himself* How could i forget! I guess i was too busy using liquefy, tile reflection, and XOR...Oh, Well :wink:
  8. I was wondering why all the sigs were so bad today Hidden Content: April Fools Day! I'll make on soon!
  9. When I saw the title... I thought you were joking! :shock: awesOme! with a capital "O" *High pitched screams and hysteric laughing*
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