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  1. :? Hidden Content: Still April Fools Right?!
  2. It's not due until the 21st of December. Who invented eyes?
  3. Again, :shock: , :shock: , :shock: , :shock: , :shock: , and :shock: , and maybe even :o You're really good
  4. 1. There are two options (This or That), three would mess it up, and 2. that could end up being misinterpreted as Spam ... Possibly... But I continue Blog Paint.NET or the Gimp?
  5. Sorry! :oops: That won't happen again. :oops: :oops:
  6. Go to my forums! Guest posting is welcome! Come one come all! Come join the fight! ↓↓↓
  7. RANT: I don't hate Windows... It's 'unsleekness' is high when compared to Apple, though... Oh, Well... I have 2 Vistas and I'm using an XP... I can't complain
  8. Thanks! Those are great ideas! *Creates another account on his forums* Cool!
  9. I didn't know you'd join my forums... You don't have to PM me... Thanks
  10. Do you want advice on how to make your forum a success? Sure! In the Admin control panel somewhere... I'm personally hosting phpBB 3 locally and that may not be a feature in v. 2 or with Forumer... :?: :?: But, please PM me w/ advice! Thanks! -------MIX_M@N
  11. My forums are updated! Come post happily! Or sadly... Whatever you desire... :?
  12. I am sad... *Lonely-ness attacks MIX_M@N as he talks to himself on his forums and admires his website* *Deep sighs* :?
  13. Next thing ya know, "Paint.Google Earth" [/un-funny joke]
  14. I think he means the native to USA "comma", instead of the widely used "." P.S. My website has a forum! Go there... NOW! :twisted: [/scariness] And there's a new picture
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