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  1. Yep .... And thanks... A thumbnail for my gallery... ↓↓↓
  2. My gallery is updated. (finally ) Comments Appreciated!
  3. :shock: :shock: :shock: :o :o *Realizes he could never do that* Wow! 10/10
  4. 500 Posts! *Hysteric Laughing* *Cough* *Hack* *Abrupt ending to my hysteric laughing* And a new sig! 8)
  5. The first one is lowered to a 8.5/10 There's a weird drop shadow thing in the top right... Current is still a 10/10 :shock:
  6. :shock: For the first one... 9/10 :shock: :shock: :o :o For the second 10/10! You are REALLY good at sigs! 500th Post!!!
  7. 'nd now I'll be gone, working on a 500th post sig <-- See... I have 499!
  8. I looked at it further and it looks ok... 8/10 (Still a bit 'dirty'... Hmmmm... *Deep Thought*)
  9. Getting Ready for a 500 post sig soon Can't wait!
  10. :? Ok... Anyway... Hey! Welcome to the Forums!
  11. This was really it! :shock: :? :o This is the second, because the first was inappropriate. :?
  12. Looks kind-of dirty.. Not in the "Bad un-family friendly dirty" but like the "Needs to be washed dirty" I don't know... 7/10
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