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  1. I think I'll write some haikus about Wither's Disappearance Wither...Where are you...? You have disappeared once again... Here, we miss you so. We miss that wierd "O" We miss the planets and Glass And the fake brush tool... Wither...You're now gone Please return to the forums So we can see you/hear you/read what you typed/converse with you again... That was beautiful
  2. Your old one 10/10 AwEsOmE! Your current one 10/10 AwEsOmE! De Ja Vu :?
  3. Updated My best work so far is up there Please Comment
  4. Good! I like your avatar 9/10 :oops: said sig instead of avatar :oops:
  5. Centered! I didn't notice this one :oops:
  6. :shock: :shock: :shock: Helio.... Great sig!
  7. I already downloaded the script and modified it to my liking... I just need to find a way to make it work....
  8. Is there a way to link files in your sig? I'm trying to put a php file in there that would "rotate" my sig... Like the pic here... >Here< I think usedHonda did that... and I want to try to do the same...
  9. I'm not really a fan of flames and stuff like that... 7/10
  10. How would you link a PHP file to your sig?
  11. Lucky! [/Napoleon Dynamite-Ness]
  12. Did you ever notice how uH's sig changes when you hit F5? :shock: How does he do that?
  13. MIX_M@N


    :shock: How does he do that? *Hits F5 repeatedly*
  14. Partly... Yay! [/randomness] you aren't ignoring me
  15. The forum...Grrrr? Life right now is pretty good
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