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  1. *MIX_M@N waits for MIX_M@N to thwarp MIX_M@N with a big book on CSS and to have MIX_M@N stop talking in the third person* I wish I could code web pages... Right now I use templates... Like the one in my sig :oops:
  2. :shock: he has a lot of posts And his sig faintly resembles mine... Hmmmm...
  3. I'm ready too... *looks frantically* Found one!
  4. Now that no one's posting there, the forums are s u p e r slow *boredom overwhelms MIX_M@N as he talks in the third person*
  5. Blank Today's Date Put some cool text here... Nada Yeserday's Date Put some awesome text here... Read full article | Comments (32) Oooooohhhhh... :shock: HTML.......
  6. Ahhhhh! :shock: :shock: The rant thread is growing way too fast... :shock: :o *runs away with high pitched screaming*
  7. 3.5 pages of no rants Please get on topic! [/rant]
  8. Rant: Nobody is posting rants... grrrrr....? :twisted:
  9. It's actually Lorem Ipsum and, yes, it's a dummy text... More facts here > http://www.lipsum.com/ but my website is updated without it... yay! Anyway... Thanks guys...
  10. Me three! Oh, wait... I don't drive... And I have no children...
  11. Cool! 9/10 When you rate mine... please describe the one you're rating because mine are on an image rotator that changes images when you refresh... PS... PM me if you want the script
  12. Hi... RANT: I can't find a controlled image cycler for my sig... Right now it's a random image rotator and it seems biased... Oh well...
  13. I used Zymic's Free PHP and Web hosting and made a site. Then, using R3VENGE's instructions, I put the php in the same folder as my signatures and posted that link in my current signature with image tags. My sig looks like... "http://myphphost.zxq.net/Signatures/rotate.php[/img tag] Fire..." And yes they seem baised
  14. R3VENGE (not shouting...) PM-ed it to me. I'll PM you...
  15. I did it! I got my sig to rotate! Press F5 to see Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!
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