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  1. Bye PdN!

    I'm off to Photoshop.

    Thanks Rick and others for all your help with me and my getting started with graphic design!

    I may return someday to the forums or to Paint.NET, but I've found CS3 is better at meeting my needs.


    Thanks :mrgreen: . And Good Bye.


  2. Just to add,

    A couple days ago, on the 28th, i got a pm from a newer user too...

    It was on the subject of PdN 3.30 Beta 1

    It said,

    @MIX_M@N..Was wondering how u downgraded PDN Pretty much makes this impossible unless ,did u have the old installer and if yes which Version?My saved installers i only find version 3.08 :cry: any feedback would be appreciated although i got most of the new plug-ins to work its always good to be able to Revert ! Thanks M@M Subject: Paint.NET v3.30 BETA 1 is now available

    I think adding this rule could really help because, obviously, it was sent weeks after beta was over... :?

    Thanks :D


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