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  1. i have the feeling u just changed the shadow recovery and stuff
  2. Is it possible to ''Toon'' Cars like this: If Yes i'd like to know how^^
  3. Awsom job's i cant do better than you! i love the one with skull
  4. damn i love your sigs! awesome works I gives you a Golden Award
  5. Yep. but i just wanted to post it Anyways the smaller version of that big Vortex signature is coming today
  6. Nice Job mate! is it your first? i give it a Golden Award for a gr8 effect
  7. yeup gonna do smaller version tomorrow..
  8. Hello all! Welcome to my Paint.Net Signature Gallery. Im not a pro but check em out My First Work ever with Paint.Net ----------------------------------- Other Jobs: ----------------------------------- Anime Signatures: ----------------------------------- Best of the Best More Coming Soon
  9. Hey all.. im newbie here but i did do a cool screeny with it http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee20 ... rpiece.jpg
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