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  1. I can't figure out how to merge all posts at the same time, so, you'll just have to live with having the name switched.

    (I could do it one post at a time, but I'm too lazy.)

    Ahh thanks anyways! :D

    Doesn't phpBB3 have a post count under edit profile in the admin/mod panel?

    I might be thinking of IPB.

    Idk. i know that IPB does.. I thought I saw something like that when I had my phpBB3 forums..


  2. Lol

    Long.. well not really.

    Short story.

    I had my Dalton account, except after forumer switched PDN Forums over to phpBB3, I couldn't log back in.

    (Of course I hadn't thought about requesting a new password..)

    But until like.. 2 [guess it was sometime around january..] months ago, I forgot about it. I wasn't really here.. so when I did come back, i made this account.. (and BB: I think i made that account. Delete it please! :))

    I wish I could get this account & my Dalton account usernames switched. :P



  3. Lol. I figured you would like it better if I called you by your real name, not by some ASCII-ized version of it. :P

    Congrats on your new(ish) computer, I wish I could have a new one, my laptop is screwed up.

    I'm on my dad's laptop as we were not allowed to bring mine, so ...

    No PDN.

    No Firefox (Sorry CMD and all you Firefox advocates, it aggravates me too). I'm using IE7 right now. :o

    It's 12 AM here, and I'll be probably going to sleep soon.

    Tomorrow we're going to The Mall, dunno what it is, but my parents said we're going so ... yeah.

    I was without PDN for a week or so.


    Buuut I had Firefox.

    Just a note:

    Firefox 3 on 256mb of ram = sloooooooww.

    It got faster.. it had to "warm up"


  4. Thanks Dalton.

    I'm currently posting from my hotel room, it's 10:30 PM here. We're staying a few blocks away from Capitol Hill, at the Hyatt. We got here a few hours ago at 7. I'll drop by again tomorrow morning. :)

    *clears throat*

    It's D@lton.



    Thanks for typing dalton, instead of D@lton.

    (I really need to change it to Dalton.. (but i have my old account.. *sigh*))

    Anyway, I got a power supply!

    I'm back on my new(ish) computer!!






    That piece of bloody potato 256mb of ram laptop sucked.


    I'm free!

  5. This week is our last "educational" week and the next week (the last week of this year) will be Activities week! :D

    So today, I've just had my last ever Geography and Mandarin lessons for the rest of this academical year.

    Whoa. You get out of school really late. I got out about a month ago.


    Me too.. I got out the... 28th? of May.


  6. Actually, since I was speed-reading, I mis-understood it, even if it was only for a second or two. Although, I wasn't serious about him re-phrasing it, it was just me hopelessly failing at being funny. Again.

    I guess vista's got some competition for the Pauly Shore award :)


    Uh Oh vista!


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