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  1. I just got a GPS for my car. It is "teh roxxors", to use the hacker colloquialism. It has maps, an Australian accent, and it plays music!

    I also have a GPS. Best invention ever.

    During the day, I no longer get frantic calls from my wife asking me to go to google maps. :mrgreen:


    Well aren't you just lucky?

  2. I found an interesting blog while searching for crop circle pictures (don't ask). The blog is all about "amazing" things about Google Earth. A section is on crop circles, and one of the crop circles is a Firefox logo! :DLinkeh.

    Dang, that's a 5-line link! :shock:

    Edit: That link was the Google image result... :oops: I changed it to the real one. No longer five lines long.

    Uh.. that leads to a pacman crop circle.


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