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  1. Nooo! I don't really like XHTML.. but I do know some.
  2. Hahahahha! I thought you'd spelled lmao wrong. But then i read the rest of your post.
  3. Hmmm. I'll try a little something later. Haha. Nice.
  4. the brush is on the new one old one is this one.. And thanks. I know the background is simple..but that's kinda what I was aiming for. I have no idea why. I just did.
  5. Ok. This is the new one.. And since this is such an active topic chances are you didn't see my old one. Here's the new one. *i had to crop that brush from the pdn logo.. and change the color on the tip... not the easiest thing and I don't it doesn't look that good... * Old: Which one? I don't really like the background on the old one... :?
  6. HA! Definitely wouldn't for me. Anyway. Happy (late) Birthday!
  7. hahaha! YES! I'm in! I feel so special. And just so you know..you can call me Dalton.
  8. Firefox rulez. I upgraded to IE 7. Worst. Browser. Ever. Tried Opera. Fast. But..just not my type.
  9. Mah new siggay! Still not the best..but I just couldn't get it to work right. I need more plug ins. Anyway. Comments welcome.
  10. HTML is definitely easiest..(or it was for me.)
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