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  1. It was the REDSKINS that played the Eagles.

    And the score was Redskins:16 Eagles:14

    I hate the Eagles even though they're my home team.

    It's these wretched Philly teams (minus the Phillies, Soul, and the Flyers, well basically just the 76ers and the Eagles)

    No major league team here has won a championship in 20 years.

    Seems you are correct.. now who the heck was it..

    EDIT: Checked website, it was the seahawks. :P

    Colts beat Texans. A REALLY cool 4th-quarter recovery- I just wish I'd been able to see it!

    Ugh. Yes I saw that. It was all the quarterback's fault. He fumbled twice in the 4th quarter. And threw a interception. :roll: I was hoping to rub it in my friend's face that they lost to an 0-3 team. :lol:

  2. Agh. Adobe's aggravating me. They said they'd release CS4 today, but it's still not out.


    I wanna see if it's any better/worth upgrading to. (Hopefully they decreased the amount of resources needed to run the programs. HA!) Now if only there was a small image editor, with tons of plugins... :lol:

    EDIT: Forgot, great community..

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