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  1. Ever since I installed the latest version, most, (and by most I mean 75%) of the effects/plugins I have cannot load and when clicked require me to "Shutdown PDN due to an Error...etc". I thought this was a simple bug and checked if there were any new updates but it seems like noones attending this issue.

    Is this going to get fixed?

  2. Edited it.

    The problem I have is that the old feather plugin helped me a lot by fading, or somewhat blurring the edges of whatever I was feathering, which is good for antialiasing.

    The new one doesn't fade/blurr the edges; it does however bulge them and make them, seem even more jagged. It really bothers me.

    Also, OOC I'm having a problem. Everytime I come to the site I'm logged in, but to post anything I have to log in again. Even though I always check the "log me everytime I come" box.


  3. I'm wondering if, with pdn, you could make something cloth-like, which you could use when making a medal.

    I'm working on medals for my alliance but they look rather fake with a clean cut ribbon, and am in need of something with more texture/cloth-like view.

    If any expert pdner (Ash maybe) could enlighten me and perhaps show me an example of a cloth-like graphic, I would be very happy.


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