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  1. My PDN worked perfectly fine before I installed 3.31. In fact, I finished a piece with the plugins I needed earlier that day, but now I can't use them after the update.
  2. Ever since I installed the latest version, most, (and by most I mean 75%) of the effects/plugins I have cannot load and when clicked require me to "Shutdown PDN due to an Error...etc". I thought this was a simple bug and checked if there were any new updates but it seems like noones attending this issue. Is this going to get fixed?
  3. Man, you are honestly my favourite pdner, your stuff is amazing and I definately look up to your work.
  4. How would you go about doing so? And I don't mean the 3D way as shown in the tut section, but I mean the text actually circling the circle. Is that possible with pdn? Thanks.
  5. Edited it. The problem I have is that the old feather plugin helped me a lot by fading, or somewhat blurring the edges of whatever I was feathering, which is good for antialiasing. The new one doesn't fade/blurr the edges; it does however bulge them and make them, seem even more jagged. It really bothers me. Also, OOC I'm having a problem. Everytime I come to the site I'm logged in, but to post anything I have to log in again. Even though I always check the "log me everytime I come" box. Thanks.
  6. The original feather effect? Not the feather+, but simply feather. Feather+ is horrible, and the original was much better. However I cannot seem to find it among the plugins in the plugin forum. Can anyone help me find it?
  7. Couple of sigs. Still looking for advice on how I can create that 'gloss effect'.
  8. I know, that's why I'm not actually putting it in my sig. I just like the piece.
  9. Where do I find the smooth effect? Can't see it in the plugins forums..
  10. I created the shine by using the shpere select above the image, then using gradient>transparent colours. I didn't draw it; what do you mean by that?
  11. So for months (literally) I've been trying to add that 'glossy' effect to my signatures/etc. However I always come to this; Which really upsets me, because I see no way of anti-aliasing that. Am I doing something wrong? What are some other ways to add the gloss effect?
  12. Update; I came up with this, , which looks great (or at least decent) when scaled down, but at large size is pretty ugly. Any tips on how to create metal-like stuff?
  13. I don't want to revive that old thread so I'll just put this picture you posted up. How did you do it? (@Ash). You say it was Sine Waves+Waves, but I have no idea which ones you're talking about, because the Sine Wave and Waves I have gave me nothing (literally) like what you have. Thanks.
  14. I'm wondering if, with pdn, you could make something cloth-like, which you could use when making a medal. I'm working on medals for my alliance but they look rather fake with a clean cut ribbon, and am in need of something with more texture/cloth-like view. If any expert pdner (Ash maybe) could enlighten me and perhaps show me an example of a cloth-like graphic, I would be very happy. Thanks.
  15. I think Expiration is the best Pdner out there, lol. He only gets better.
  16. I used to post here as El Che Garcia, but I forgot my password lol. Stuff for my alliance;
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