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  1. Hi, I would lke to create some calendars for the new year... are there any calendar "masks" to use in paint.net to create calendars? I know there are many .PSD collections for photoshop for sale...
  2. Yes, I am currently using this other one. It works, just opens .NEFs (doesn't save them) and RAW Files in general but the other plugin is probably more well suited for Nikon's .NEF
  3. It allows you to open RAW images. The .NEF format is used on Nikon Cameras for saving RAW images (I have a Nikon D60). I believe there are plugins for Photoshop (either by Adobe and/or Nikon) I found an alternative which lets me open .NEFs, but I am still looking for the plugin mentioned in the other thread...If anyone has it...
  4. Hi, I was looking for a .NEF plugin and I had a look here (Yes, I did Search before posting) viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5476 the site where the plugin is hosted is down... does anybody have the .NEF plugin? is it possible to get it elsewhere or to have it by email or attachment?
  5. C'mon, you know that only the latter is true ;-) BTW: nice rendition of the love bug picture, you have to show me how you did it...But I won't be in the office with you in the next two weeks :-(
  6. he he pyjo! nice work, I had seen this plug in its early stages, looks like most of the problems have been sorted... 8) guess who this guy is... :wink:
  7. Hi Pyjo! you know who I am...I am the one who first introduced you tu PdN I have seen the plugin during "live" operation...nice results!!! I am downloading it and testing it in a few minutes...Will let you know!!!
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