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  1. Your download link [zip file] Will not download [well finish downloading] It stops after about 30 seconds? Is there another link? I dont want to go into each and every link and dload them separately, but I will if I have to. Thank you!
  2. Can anyone give me a detailed description or a tut on how to make stage lighting with the rays. Im looking for something like this If anyone could help it would be great! Thanks!!
  3. I have been wondering how people cut out things (like for an example: people out of a background) how do you all do it. Ive been using the Magic Wand but it doesnt work with darker images and darker backgrounds what is the easiest most efficant way of doing this? Thanks
  4. I dont know if this is the correct term to call it but is there a selective coloring tool on PDN. Heres the tut I was reffering to to try and do this here are some more examples Is this possible with PDN?
  5. Can this be achievied in PDN This was originally done in Photoshop by my friend by just wondering. They are two different pictures but its of the same thing and taken with the same camera (just different locations and dates) To....This..... Just the coloring effect ??
  6. I was about to suggest the same thing. If you haven't got a scanner, I could scan one for you and tell you the dimensions. It'll have to wait a few hours though. Please do! _also when you make something in PDN and you want to print it, it gives you Photo Prining Wizard and it makes you pick a size and is there a way you can print it with the size you made it in?
  7. Hi, I have a question about the DVD "SLIM" Cases What are the pixle sizes for them? And the normal cases (the ones that you can buy (with real dvds like an actual film?) And do you guys have a template for them (or a picture that tells where the creases are?) Any help would be great! Thanks!
  8. okay well then never mind -lock - delete whatever :oops:
  9. I didnt know where to put this but if you make avis I thought we could share some of our textures (for banners or whatever you have!) Am I the only one who uses these?