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  1. Since this is a photo thread, here's a pic of me and @BoltBait's two grandkids! And a pic from my favorite experience when I was *actually* 12...me with my favorite actor.
  2. I found it a few weeks ago at Walmart, your local store probably has one! (Edit: My dad pointed out you live in the UK. Maybe Asda, Amazon, or Etsy then!) I'm 23, but I do get that a lot 😉 My husband loves to tell the story of the time we went to a restaurant and they gave me the "children under 12 get in free with a parent" discount. 😝 Thank you so much! I did really enjoy seeing my dad, although hopefully he won't need to make the trip again! After Coronavirus calms down a bit I'll be flying our kids in to see him more often 😄
  3. I typed one up and now it says that the message is now in my inbox, and that I have not sent any private messages out yet. How do I get it out of my 'outbox' and on to the person I was trying to send it to?
  4. Thank you dad, mom said that since it is Sunday evening, I can take a break from doing laundry and take a look at this tutorial that you have posted.
  5. I have always been in homeschool. I find it rather nice compared to what I have heard about public schools. Classes all day, hard tests, teasing, riding in a school bus, homeschool is nothing like that.
  6. HTML is good for beginners, I learned it when I was 9 years old.
  7. Oh, nice work! I really like it.
  8. Excuse me if this has been asked before, but I just couldn't find it. I looked all over the FAQ, and a few other places too. Does anyone know where I can post my avatar and signature that I made with paint.net?
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