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  1. I'm guessing Ash would be a good artist to ask?
  2. @D.A.: When you say "ask an artist" do you mean PM them or something? @Rubrica: Thanks so much for the link! Now I know how to make a tooth! Rock on!
  3. hey I'm a new to the PdN forums, so please don't bite me. I would like a tut on how to make a dragon...not like a cartoon, but one that looks at least semi-real. and not particularly mean...just stern, if that makes sense. thanks
  4. just to be clear: when you say "did you make that?" do you mean "did you create it?" I found the image online and edited it for my usage.
  5. ...you see/think of something funny and say "that would make a great PdN sig!" ...you start talking about your "family" and in reality are talking about the people on the forums. you look at MSpaint on your desktop and laugh, thinking of when you used it and say "wow. what a dork I was back then." ...you start talking like: hey 'sup? lol w/e. OMG teh awesome!
  6. I'm happy because.....well I just am. it's a sort of bubbley-nothing-can-ruin-my-day feeling
  7. lol. I know, his foot sort of "falls off". I was just to lazy to fix it. :wink:
  8. I had to use AOL. But how would using a Yahoo! ID up the chance of spam?
  9. @Spirit Scout. it's okay. I like you sig much better, though 8/10
  10. ya, here goes: I was bored. I couldn't think of a username to save my life. Bloom was the first thing that popped into m' head. any questions?
  11. 10/10. My name: I'm usually crazy, and I like to let my realy colors show. If you've seen certain flowers they're rather plain until they Bloom
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