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  1. Well, my computer won't let me. Request to lock.
  2. First, I am sorry if the subject is wrong. I couldn't think of the word for it. So, I am sorry if I am breaking any rules about that. OK, now. Here is my question. How do I make an image like this?>> I am talking about the background with all of those lines. This was number 1#. OK, this is #2. How do I make an image like this?>> On this one, I am talking about the background with the circles. Please help! I have worked really hard on this but I couldn't find it!
  3. I have Windows XP, OK? I have downloaded some fonts, but I don't know what folder it goes in. I know how to get to the Paint.NET folders, but do I put it in the effects folder - or what? Please help.
  4. When I try to download it, it just gives me a bunch of codes. Can someone please help me?
  5. Can someone please tell me how to upload new fonts. Don't tell me on here, PM me please. Thanks!
  6. How do I make a signature like this with the too penguins?: http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r190/Spongy94/7.png I try to copy it but it doesn't take the color with it. How do I make it so when I copy a picture a brings the color over with it? Please PM because I may not remember how to find this.
  7. I read how to do it but it is still not working. Is there a problem?
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