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  1. Reinstalled v3.2 and followed Andrew D's advice. Deleted all the dlls he maked in red. All the dlls in the Effects folder are now in the Effects/Adjustment menus and function as expected. Question ... how did all those dlls become misplaced to begin with ... corrupted during download? Tony
  2. Sorry, subject incorrect. should read 'Plugins in Effects folder do not list in Effects/Adjustments menu"
  3. Plug-in does not appear in Adjustments menu. Thanks Tony
  4. The plug-in is Shadows/Highlights The version is v3.20 Tony
  5. Yes, I have followed the guidance of http://boltbait.googlepages.com/install. any suggestions? Tony
  6. I download the plug-in .dll, place the .dll in the Effects folder in the Paint.Net folder, start Paint.Net but the plug-in does not appear in the appropriate menu. What am I not doing correctly? Tony
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