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  1. Too... much... awesomeness... :shock: agreed, that's pretty sick I think I overdid the :GaussianBlur: :\ oh well it was a fun competition and I bet I'll learn from it
  2. I think I did too much, but I was having fun I liked how splinter made perfect snowflakes xD
  3. I don't see much difference in this from the freehand drawing contest... and I have so many effects I don't know what came with the program and what I downloaded
  4. ooo i like this theme, i'll work harder on this one I already have a faint idea of what i'll do, but the shading's going to be difficult gl everybody
  5. o_O I love me some good Halos....... though I'm not really that good at it :oops: pachuco55 if you wanna look me up
  6. been working on this, it's all freehand (except for feathering and light rays): I did use an image, but only to look at for reference. also made my current avatar from the drawing it's still in progress, so give me suggestions and criticism please edit: link wasn't working
  7. @ wither: that house reminds me of the Sims buildings @ sozo: wow those pics look so real! great job!
  8. must... resist... feather... [hope it's not too much background and too little train :? ] full size [because it irks me that the resized one doesn't look as detailed]: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/ ... nlarge.png
  9. first post [but i've been lurking the forums for a while now] noobish background i got after messing around, but i like it: and a 2 legged horse thing... got the idea from a photoshopped picture and wanted to do it in paint.net:
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