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  1. Ugh, Audioslave. Luckily for me, Rage Against the Machine is back together. don't like audioslave? oh well I love Rage too, but I mainly love tom morello.. *drool* edit: Peaches - The Presidents of the United States of America millions of peaches, peaches for me millions of peaches, peaches for free
  2. I see what you're getting at there, but could you compare a more populated city to an equally populated city? Kennesaw has an estimated population of 30,522 (2005 census). It is considered a suburb of Atlanta. Washington D.C. has an estimated population of 588,292 (2007 census). You are comparing the crime rates of a city that is about 19 times the other in population. Surely the size of the city has something to do with crime rates, no?
  3. It's like talking to a wall.. no disrespect, but it is impossible to get this across. Your point: Less guns = Less crime. Our point: Doesn't matter the weapon, crime will exist, possibly even more so. Now, what is your next point. We both understand each other. Dig up some research or statistics on your side, and we'll do that on our side [though we have already]. When you have a strong argument, state your view and let it be. You know you're right, so what does it matter if we disagree? Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion; you cannot change someone's opinion merely by wishing it. To change our minds you will need hard evidence and a strong argument. Edit: Are you even reading the other posts? You could learn something about defending your point in a debate by listening to other people's arguments, no matter what side they're on.
  4. ^ is welcome and better play halo 3 on xboxlive < plays under the same name [plust 55 at the end] in xboxlive v is going to look me up on xboxlive?
  5. I saw it in spanish with english subtitles when I was in South America, but it was still great! I grew up on transformers so it's like a memory trip for me :wink:
  6. 5/10, I love Les Mis, but you could get a better image and/or edit it in pdn.
  7. We DO understand what you're saying. They're just saying you're wrong. That's what happens in a debate. Move on to your next point or back up your first; otherwise, be left in the dust in the debate.
  8. 6/10, substituting "boi" for "boy" annoys me xP [and Javert is from Les Mis, <3 it]
  9. This. Let's recall an earlier time, say 1920 to 1933. This was when the Dry Law, or Alcohol Prohibition, was enacted. All alcohol in the United States was officially illegal. Consumption of alcohol was a crime. Obviously, this wasn't popular among the population. People still got their alcohol. They smuggled it in by the barrels from surrounding countries. It was still widely being distributed throughout the U.S. Breweries in Canada and Mexico flourished from their new foreign customers. Organized crime was started to distribute alcohol. Notorious gangsters such as Al Capone made millions off of illegal alcohol sale. Crime rates skyrocketed. Powerful gangs corrupted law enforcement. The nation was in shambles. All of this over alcohol. Imagine what will happen with firearms. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- George Santayana
  10. ^ has the best sig on the forums imo < is wondering if he should skip to pachuco's previous post like darkshock skipped to bossk's v might very well skip this one too xD
  11. They did that... it's called Australia. I am so sending this to my Australian friends! But I do have to admit, Texas also has some... unique... [violent, unruly, and all-around crazy] people. I like them, it makes for some good entertainment
  12. Shooter was fun to watch indeed... but I don't care for the plot too much. [Just give me guns, explosions, and women, and I'll be content.] 3:10 to Yuma was excellent in my opinion, although the ending irked me. Haven't seen Ray, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. I'm pretty up to date on my movie list, but I have yet to see There Will Be Blood. Any opinions on that?
  13. ^ forgot "v" on the last one. < hasn't even started on making a sig yet :oops: v is a vegetarian.
  14. It is true not many people would be hurt in a knife chase, but it's near impossible to get every criminal's firearm and his supply [if he has one] and his supplier [someone has to be selling him guns]. They will always have a way of getting firearms, no matter what. Maybe the amount of criminals carrying firearms will decrease, but only temporarily. Illegal gun suppliers will want to distribute as many guns as possible, while criminals are trying to get those guns. As long as there is a supply from somewhere, it will reach those wanting the guns. And there has to be a supply somewhere; where else are the officers going to get their guns and ammo?
  15. You see, this cannot be true. Violence will exist as long as violent people exist, and there seems to be a lot of violent people. As for giving guns only to officers and such, that cannot work either. Take illegal drugs for example: they're illegal. Yet somehow, they can be widely distributed throughout the country. Guns, even if illegal to anyone not an officer, will be distributed in some way to those seeking them. Just making them illegal will not prevent people from getting them. I realize this doesn't add much to the debate, such as an answer, but I don't know what an answer could be. I am for gun rights, but I do realize the drawbacks of having them.
  16. ^ is correct, it's too hard for me < has no sig but is trying to make a good one v will not laugh at my siglessness
  17. hmm I'm not a good rater but I like yours a lot.. 8/10 sounds right :wink:
  18. I now love you as much as I love FOTC. [that's a lot btw.] Was listening to Cochise by Audioslave, but thanks to Olav I'm on by Flight of the Conchords xD
  19. ? though it is true that many "screamo" songs consist of banging drums, a single bass line, and a few repeated, heavily distorted chords, it is not the case for every song. It's not that easy to just pick up a guitar and start screeching out chords, much less a song that has complex music in it. I give you a challenge: Listen to a few screamo songs of varioius artists. Ignore the screaming and target the music itself. Then tell me how that isn't talent. [Again, it is true that many songs will only have minimal quality of bass / drums / guitar / etc, but not all.] If that's not something you'd do, at the very least check out chords or even tabs for the songs. It would be quite difficult to play them without talent, no? ---- now playing: I-E-A-I-A-I-O - SOAD
  20. I love MC Escher as well, but I would have to say my favorite artist is Robert McCurdy found at http://robertmccurdy.com/home.html On the front page, it's not apparent at first but it's a painting. His portraits are extremely realistic, though that means they take a very long time to create... therefore, he doesn't have too many unfortunately.
  21. I live in a big tourist city, so this one works for me: "They call it tourist season, so why can't we shoot 'em?" ... "I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize." ... "Hard work pays off later, but laziness pays off now." ... source unknown for these ---- "It's only a flesh wound." - the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. [can be used for any injury to make it funny]
  22. aile has this one me thinks... I love what you did to the image!
  23. so humble k.digennaro, that's a pretty awesome picture you have there! as for the rules, they're much clearer now, at least for me... I was working on something, but I got overloaded with work that I don't think I have enough time to finish it [oh well, there's always next week ]
  24. I wish I had figured this out when I was painting Jack White! would have made the whole thing so much easier!
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