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  1. continue the thread! ^_^ so anybody listen to the presidents? [see last post actually ontopic]
  2. no The Presidents of the United States of America [not the greatest band but I want to see if anyone knows them, they're fun] and I agree with boltbait as well also, going by boltbait's posts, we may have similar tastes... we'll see if you can continue the good music streak.... xD
  3. [45] Computer Graphics [40] Film [65] Music [40] Performance Arts [30] Traditional Painting [55] Traditional Drawing [20] Writing music > or = life.
  4. wow that's great! probably would explain where you've been for the past few weeks congratulations!! Good luck in your future education if you seek it [you better! 8)] on a side note, I've always wondered about homeschooling... I guess it has to do with the parents but we have home schooled kids that moved up to high school classes and they're mostly antisocial and kind of weird... I always suspected that they were being over protected by their parents and were not exposed to social situations often, so the transition to a big school must be tough. I try to be as nice as possible to them, but they resist a lot......... It's obvious you're not like that though!
  5. oh wow k.d, that's really helpful, did not know that existed! that will help a lot for things I don't have a model for
  6. seems like a lot of very careful clone stamping... I tried doing that but I don't really have the patience
  7. hmm thanks for the advice, I see what you mean... I'll start on it tomorrow
  8. my attempt at a smilie, though mainly to practice shading. I suggest this one after one of Ash's works or somethin
  9. Some avatars that don't match sigs go well together, they don't necessarily have to match the only reason I made a new avatar is that one was dark and evil looking while my sig is calm and simple. oh and d.a, 9.8 / 10 or if you drew that bird yourself 9.9 / 10 no one's perfect, ya know? you can always improve! but I do love that design, really excellent!
  10. I have 2 suggestions: 1) take the pic of you in the chair and another of just the same area without the chair. Cut yourself out using the tut above and then paste yourself on the second pic without the chair. Floating! 2) would look odd but try clone stamping on the chair to remove it. If you have trouble with clone stamping search for it! (number 1 would be easier)
  11. or possibly this? viewtopic.php?f=15&t=20040 both are excellent tutorials edit: whoops messed up url
  12. Well I know you want darkshock to rate yours but he seems to have left... he can skip back to here when he gets back. As for your sig, BB, all I can really say is you did a nice job on the cutout of the dominoes? Unless you made those dominoes from scratch (which would be amazing), your sig is a bit boring to me. The shadows are good though; the shadows that drop down give the sig a good feeling of depth. Overall I'd say it's a good idea and I'm feeling the simplicity, but I think you are capable of doing so much more! 7/10
  13. 8/10 Like the simplicity of it very much! and how the cursive "y" is wrapping around the bold "Y," very creative
  14. Ancient Wonders: [WINNER] Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt Modern Wonders: [65] Colosseum, Italy [20] Great Wall of China, China
  15. Ancient Wonders: [WINNER] Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt RETURNING PLAYERS: Please read the special rules in the first post for this hurt and heal before playing!) Modern Wonders: [60] Colosseum, Italy [35]Great Wall of China, China [10] Petra, Jordan [40] Taj Mahal, India I actually quite like the colosseum, but I must avenge the Incas! :twisted:
  16. you posted twice in the same minute, showing that you posted only to get that picture. oh and thank you for the comments on my avatar / sig! means a lot, actually... most of the stuff I make are just experimenting and tutorials... and Myrrdin [sp?] I agree with you on the subject of matching sigs and avatars. Good point there, I hadn't really thought about it
  17. Ancient Wonders: [WINNER] Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt RETURNING PLAYERS: Please read the special rules in the first post for this hurt and heal before playing!) Modern Wonders: [80] Colosseum, Italy [20] Great Wall of China, China [10] Machu Picchu, Peru [35] Petra, Jordan [45] Taj Mahal, India must... save... Incas!
  18. ah ty for advice, it was made in a hurry MLG pro? all i can say is WOW! I play too many social games for fun, so I'm only a Gunnery Sergeant grade 2, an accomplishment to me seeing how i only have a highest skill of 7 hehe... I don't get too serious into gaming, just all fun for me
  19. thanks, I'm glad you got the feel of it and it was more like 4 layers of "P," one layer has motion blur, one layer was pixelated and then dented, one was [admittedly] polar inverted plus [just barely, i swear!], and the last a little glow I really like yours, great choice of colors, and the fractal is very interesting. I like fractal avatars / sigs 9.4/10
  20. 9.8 / 10 just because if you were perfect you'd never have room to improve, and we don't want that!
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