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  1. Mole and Enchiladas are real good Mexican dishes.

    For Peruvian dishes? I'd say Seco de Carne de Rez [literally, dry cow meat, made in a stew with peas and potatoes] and Aji de Gallina [a shredded chicken dish with a spicy yellow sauce and sometimes has walnuts in it...]

    And for BoltBait: Ceviche, a dish of raw fish with either lime or lemon [and sometimes bitter orange] and with some herbs I can't recall right now. You can also make it spicy with ají limo or super spicy with rocoto. Note that this is how we do Ceviche in Peru, but you can find many different ways of making it in South America.


  2. Okay so most people think I'm weird with my food choices but I love to cook and I see cooking as an experiment. Mixing flavors, textures, etc is fun :P

    And as all great experiments occur, some of my favorites are accidents [throwing anything I can find in there]!

    Try this one: Macaroni and Cheese, fried bacon chopped into little bits, sunny-side-up egg.... and now here's where I really lose you... ketchup! oh and a tiny bit of aji, which is a spicy yellow pepper paste. yum!

    One thing that's so common to us Peruvians is to put ketchup in near everything -- most commonly, white rice. I eat rice+ketchup with nearly every meal :D

    And then there's the Mexican side of me. Deep south Texas? Best tacos on earth. Don't worry, no ketchup in tacos!

    ^^LightBladez - You know what? I want to try a REAL taco! You know like made from Mexico. I wonder how those taste like.

    Tacos from Mexico are all made with corn tortillas. We use flour tortillas. Also, many dishes we have here that we label "Mexican" aren't even native to Mexico. Those dishes would be "TexMex." :)

  3. On the topic of Browsers, this helps sum up the argument:


    On the topic of CDs, well put CMD. I have an extensive collection of CDs as well as tapes and vinyls. I really miss the old vinyls as they allowed for further artistic expression. I personally hang LP artwork on my wall.

    This article covers it quite well.

    edit: To further my point, how are you going to get a working zipper on a picture of Mick Jagger's jeans that reveals him in his tighty-whities on a CD cover? It can't be done. But it can be done on their Sticky Fingers LP:


  4. Stephan - You did an excellent job of harnessing Microsoft's style of design. I wouldn't be surprised if this were already a part of Windows.

    CMD - The links aren't working for me! In fact, your entire sketchpad site is down, or at least for me. The description for your work is quite a read! Even without seeing the work, I can tell that it's going to be amazing. I can't wait to see it. Good concept btw. I'm always misplacing my minions and unevenly distributing punishment when I try to conquer the world...

    Sabrown - You're very good at selling your product; you had me convinced that it is already on sale and that I needed to buy it immediately. I really like the layout you have constructed, and I know many people who would benefit from such a simple OS. My only problem with it would be the color scheme. Honestly, it's quite boring, and it lacks contrast. I recommend using Colour Lovers to choose a good color scheme. Although those palettes are really for Illustrator / Photoshop, you can easily adapt them to PDN.

    Mike - A touch screen PDN in general would be amazing, really. I love your writeup, but the skinning itself isn't too amazing. Simple, yes, and a good concept, but not much of a "wow factor."

  5. This is still one of my favorite tuts, just because of all that can be learned from it. I went back and made this chip: :mrgreen:


    I still think this topic should be stickied! Although the picture made is not suitable for everyone, the techniques to achieve it are essential! Good job :D

    edit: why it's so huge, I'm not sure.

  6. uH, I'm in firefox and it works fine... btw cool radio site! our radios are not very savvy in the internets. lol.

    Rant: I have no time to do much of anything anymore. I am now getting home around 7 - 7:30, and finishing work around 11 if it's a good night. If I do ever get free time, I'm often way too tired to continue on my Earth Week project, due out around next Earth Week it seems! :cry: I barely have enough to give a WIP :\

    I need more sleep + free time!

  7. Hello everyone, sorry I'm jumping into a random conversation, but I just wanted to share this with yall. :D

    My uncle, Robert McCurdy, just recently finished his portrait of the Dalai Lama. He specializes in very realistic portraits, and has painted figures such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Toni Morrison.

    I personally think his work is amazing, and not just because he's family :P

    Thought I'd share with an art community, although this is on canvas and not PDN. He did comment on PDN, though, saying that he'd love to use it for photo editing and touch-ups!


    Please note that these are copyrighted images and should only be linked directly from his site. Thank you!


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  8. desktop.png

    the background is from here.

    It's John Frusciante from Red Hot Chili Peppers :D

    Object dock but I keep it on hide until rollover, so I rolled over for screenshot :P

    and I will always have even number of shortcuts on either side, so if i get a new one i'll put on another, and if i get rid of one i'll get rid of another. xD

    sorry for blurriness... I don't know why it is blurry...

  9. @ eraser: I really do love that text. I think your father needs his glasses checked or something, the font is fine to me :D

    @ fire_ants: that's a really cool sig, but I agree with eraser on the no text part :)

    Tried my hand at a logotype for pdn, used a tutorial off deviantart that I adapted for here:


    I'm not quite satisfied with it, seems like it needs some sort of flair, but not sure what?

    [btw it's much bigger but i made it small for the sake of this board xD]

  10. Among other things I do online..

    family friendly board....

    anyways... I have the iPod touch which is nearly identical to the iPhone [didn't really want at&t contract] and I absolutely love it. It's perfect for any type of travel. The internet is quick and surprisingly easy to read, I use the calendar and timers all the time, and of course the music is great. Though by Cjmcguinness's review of the Archos something or other, the "iPod Touch killer, it still may not be worth the price. I don't know, but I sure do love it. My only complaint would be the smudging of the touch screen... so many fingerprints after a few clicks. Luckily it came with that special cloth for wiping.

    anyways... iPhone = not worth it imo, iPod Touch = maybe worth it just because you don't have to pay for the phone part, features are nice.


  11. I was going to pick a completely random word, like 'daffodil', but I couldn't spell it.

    firefox spell checker for the win.

    rant: coming into a discussion after it has been censored and not knowing what on earth just happened... I shouldn't care much but for some reason I'm intrigued.....

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