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  1. Can someone make a tutorial from this? I know it's done on photoshop but can someone replicate this? http://www.talk-mania.com/showthread.php?t=12605
  2. well this is my first and i would like to give credit to cjmcguinness for the round glass tut. that i use in the brush. Preview: cjmcguinness_round_glass_brush_by_pokemonalexander2.zip
  3. Well i'm kind of requesting a plugin that create a moon with a moon light or a Tutorials about how to make a moon with moonlight.
  4. what do you think is the best language for beginners? html or xhtml or xml or dhtml?
  5. is image ready available for paint.NET? here is the link to the image ready thing http://www.nightmarevalley.com/Rollover.php
  6. i tried that yesterday but i can't download it to that place it is not showing up.... but i'll try one more time
  7. it came in a zip. i extract it and put the dll in the effects folder but it doesn't show
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