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  1. well, I made this for a calendar taking a castle crashers screenshot. but, it could also be used as a desktop background.
  2. sloppy and spicy! ... okay, lets not get carried away..
  3. We are talking about creating a new discussion forum within this Paint.NET board. (You know, on the same level as General Discussions & Questions, or Tutorials, or Plugins, etc.) ah, right.. :oops:
  4. that is what moderators are for (well, not entirely ) oh and just being curious, will this forum be made in forumer again? or mabye an ipb/ipbfree? To be honest i find ipb/ipbfree smooth to work with
  5. this didnt turn out as well as i would have liked it, but thats just because im using a laptop(the lasso selectors nightmare)and the fence somewhat ruins it, but apart from that, me likey oh yeah and megaknight that was great! how did you get so close?
  6. I have been on holiday 8) and i brought along my laptop :idea: so i had a little play around and made a series of images battleclaw although battleclaw 2 has very little difference i liked battleclaw 2... ...until i made battleclaw 3 which is just a mirror duplicate but i still like this the most i have also noticed that when you hold the ^ (scroll up) button on your browser and look at the haxagons it appears as if theyre in the same position all the time
  7. this is my palette, i find it logical and highly user freindly
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