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  1. a friend of mine put it on my computer and i want to transfer it to this one got to work out how this computer has better specs so should run quicker i think it is the full version not used it yet
  2. hi there yep i have photoshop just got it recently but not put on computer yet will do now thanks had not heard of it refered to as PS thanks very much will still use paint.net as great programme cheers all Nathan
  3. sorry but what is a PS tutorial and would you have a link to one thanks
  4. Brilliant for that thanks will have have a look at that cheers Nathan
  5. hi there unfortunatly not just white its red as well bad luck colour for me red, i need to be able to take parts from other pictures i have on the comp, and transfer them to my van to get an idea what it will look like, if i go that route with modding it. thanks Nathan
  6. yes i suppose thats what you would call it basically im trying to work out different designs for my van i have lots of pictures of different items etc but want to apply them to my van before doing in real so i can work out the best items to get and use, if there are any tutorials i can ollow to get a better idea how to do this that will be fine, i have searched for cars/vans/vr/cropping images but no luck so far not sure what else to look under thanks nathan
  7. hi could anyone point me in the right direction for links to v/r change cars vans etc would be appreicated thanks nathan
  8. Hi everyone I'm new to paint net have done some of the tutorials but now am trying to find a tutorial to add and change parts from different motors i have a G20 van which i want to try different mods on but not sure how to remove items from 1 picture and add into another, I hope that someone can help or at least point me in the right direction many thanks everyone excellent site Nathan
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