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  1. In PDN, when you open brushes plugin, on the top of the window you have option Do Mask See? Well, do you have any picture example of work with and without mask? :?:
  2. Oh I'll try it out and let you know for sure! Thank youuu! But one question: what does 'masking' mean? 'Do Mask' option?
  3. I played with it for few more hours, to be sure I tried many options and not coming here with some stupid question, aaaaand, I found it. But since I'm too proud to call myself dumb, I'll just say I was tired. And the problem was...when you go and click on Draw with custom brush and the window with brushes opens, no one said I should change size. :oops: Ok, you'll be my victim. Are you volunteering on tutoring me? :wink: This is the brush package I downloaded, converted with abrViewer How do I do this with some photo? What do you take us for? Hmmmm, toothy geeks who get offended if you type '.net' instead of '.NET'?
  4. Ok, I used Search and I couldn't find this kind of tutorial anywhere... I'm a n0ob obviously, and I really want to start playing more with Paint.NET. I just downloaded Custom brushes plugin and converted some photoshop brushes into .png. Is there any tutorial where it says how to use and all the stuff you can do with brushes? I googled it but all tutorials I got were for Photoshop. Aaaand, it wouldn't turn out good, it's not the same. [Please don't bite :oops: ]
  5. Thanks so much for this!!!! I love picture tutorials, lol.
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