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  1. :shock: wha?? The columns are painted blue in the church, I'm trying to make them the same colour as the walls, yellow. Is there some incompatibility with this picture and the plugin or something? The only difference you made was to the underside ceiling of the gallery. The picture is taken with a Canon EOS. Thanks for your time btw! How about this picture; This shows the roof of the church and the top of the blue columns, which I want to emasculate and make yellow;
  2. Still can't quite get it! Here's the picture; the inside of a church; I'm trying to match the blue to the yellow.
  3. Thanks for answering! I've got the plugin and read through the whole thread about it but I'm still having problems. When I select the colour range and try to fade it, it sometimes doesn't seem to work on some photographs. Also it seems to me what I'm doing is just converting that part of the picture to what it would look like if the whole photograph was put into B&W. What I'm trying to do is change one colour (in my case blue) into another (yellow) which appears to be what the original poster achieved in the thread you linked me. Any chance you could walk me through? I'd be really grateful.
  4. Can anybody could help me out with this; I have a photograph of the inside of a room with the wall and columns in the room painted blue and I'm trying to change them to yellow, but not just homogeneous yellow, I want to keep the shading and shadows in the cylindrical columns so it looks at least somewhat semi-real. Is there anyway to do this besides trying to do it pixel by pixel which would take years and be impossible? Thanks!