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  1. oh, well can anyone make it where you like crop it or what ever and turn it into an effect?
  2. yes I mnow about that but can you just make a plugin though?
  3. can someone make a plugin that works like the photoshop smudge tool?
  4. sorry, my bad guys. just kinda got mad for some reason. 8/10 Pantera, its pretty spiffy
  5. 2/10 to athiest for me and I did add some effects. I did the lettering, the glow, the mothion blur and the backgrounds. The only thing I did not do was the foot and picture of Jesus
  6. um...i guess a seven. It just don't catch my eye really. sorry
  7. it would be cool if we could get more tools for this such as the rub brush and airbrush and also things like a polygonal lasso and the such.
  8. _____________________________________________________________________- '''''' '''''' ( ''''''''''''''''; ( ''''''''''''''''''''; ( '''''''''''''''''; ( ''''''''''''';'' ''''''''''''' (If you can tell, its a thumb)
  9. I'd like to know how to make some skin tones so I can attempt to make some somewhat lifelike things. Any help is much appreciated!
  10. here are two things I've done 1. text with pic of the CONFEDERATEflag 2. an emo girl
  11. Alright, here's another one I did. I purposely made the cheesy background just letting you know
  12. (It's a knight. Check it out in the artwork section) 8.9/10 It's awesome
  13. great tutorial! here's what I did to one of the band members
  14. I pencil drew this then I just didd all of the editing stuff to it. I'm kinda slow at this but it took me one week to do.
  15. Two words! New Tools! I know I'm new and am being blunt, but it would be great! I've been doing stuff on this program for over 6 months and I think we need new tools
  16. Hey! Thanks for the tutorial! Even though I didn't make it animated, it helped out with getting my picture done! Here's what I got done with your help.
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