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  1. ;D 6.7/10 I like the perspective. But text is hard to read.
  2. 6/10 The font doesn't go with the picture. Besides that, looks okay. =D
  3. Now it's 9.5/10 =D I have a new respect for the lightning. Yup.
  4. I keep getting Bugsterr. I like the name. Makes me think of ham though. I don't know why. D: 7/10
  5. :] Again, I like the black && white. The lightning looks good too. The text just looks weird to me though. :[ Might just not go with the rest of the image. 9/10
  6. =D We're all one big famiy. I like black and white. <33 9/10 =p
  7. Cool looking. Could be a little smoother, but... =]
  8. Yeah; I like this plug-in. It's extremely useful. Especially for me.
  9. x3 Verry nice poker set. Yeah, I was dazed by the magicc.
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