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  1. tutorial on how to make the burnt paper effect? i've been lookion to do that for forever!
  2. attractive, not to much not too less good color choices overall an 8/10
  3. my go at Frozen_bytes sig.. no the same but still looks ok.. (my opinion)
  4. My current sig? Oh, and while you at it, write up a tutorial on how you did it. Thanks! Edit: Or maybe this one? I think i know how to make the one which says BRAD i have an idea, but not sure where you got the gallexy bg pic
  5. sorry.. =[ i didnt mean it.. forgove me? and nab, i do like your sig.. it truly is a work of art..
  6. Aye! im not a noob.. You registered two days ago. :wink: well yeah.. but ive been using this forum for tuts for about a year, and im very advanced.. gimme anyones sig and i can make it from scratch... exept used honda's or pyro's
  7. dude.. gimp is soo hard to use.. ubuntu should have piant.net, i woul boot it much more
  8. no, not really.. i just need a basic background image following the req. above ill handle the rest of the html
  9. ok. i need help. and since we are a family i feel free asking this my sisters boyfriend asked me to make him a layout for his myspace but i cant think of any backgrounds, so.. help me out? for the background pic he wants it to say K-TWEEZY and inside the text diamonds and other shiny things. help me out?
  10. well thank you =] it took quite some time
  11. yes, yes you could have you talented power user you =].. lol 8)
  12. i'm willing to make someone a halo sig anyone like halo?
  13. not that i know of. i would but im all outta ideas
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