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  1. Wow, now thats multitasking! I've got this window, with two tabs, One IM, and Pdn. It still loads instantly for me.
  2. Should I use as my sig? I can't decide between this or my current one. The one I just made was much more complex in the making.
  3. yea, I saw that earlier, I thought it was cruel and stupid what cookiez did, but BoltBait's reaction made me laugh a little.
  4. False, I love the little puffball! The person below me is of legal drinking age
  5. If your downloading just the Dll, right click the downloaded file, and click, open containing folder. The downloaded file should be highlighted, then you can drag it into the Paint.net effects folder. I had trouble with that too when I had o download just a .dll
  6. 9/10 for Aguba, I like the 'grunge' look. How about a tut for it?
  7. No, It's actually a minor's disease that occurs in the lungs, from inhaling too much ash/forign material, where you eventually cough to death.
  8. Sorry if I sounded prejudice, but It's just not my style sig
  9. True The person below me knows the meaning of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis OMG I spelled it right!
  10. Umm, 2/10 Too religious. I'm an athiest. It could look kinda cool if you added a few effects...
  11. It's just some abstract thing that I made. Thats better than the rating I got for my blood one. That one had a 6. Haha I like yours NcFan. 9.234/10
  12. True, There pretty sick! The person below meis sitting in a rolly chair right now. :wink: haha
  13. It looks like your using a pretty old operating system. Maybe that the reason it crashes? a nice effect by the way...
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