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  1. You think you got it hard, I've only got like 210
  2. There not bad Void 8) Lookin pretty good actually 7.7/10
  3. white? I have no idea what ur talking bout. 7/10 too bust again Sry, I mean they greyish background of the page
  4. 3/10 Too plain, white and light blue don't really go god together. [sry for the bad rating but I know you can do better]
  5. I've done: HTML Javascript Css OCR IRC Ascii [i've worked with it but not written it] DOS
  6. 7.999/10 I like the abstractness [Woo I made a new word!] How about mine?
  7. Something I made just because I was bored. It was just supposed to be some abstract piece of junk, but it came out looking like a couple of teardrops. [i started with a black-non filled circle, on a white background.
  8. I save all my work as a .pdn and a .png [.bmp on special occasion] So that in case I need to add or edit something, I always have a .pdn file so you always knnow how you did everything. You might want to too
  9. Not unless you really HATE sound quality, and enjoy listening to the musical equivalent of vomit. A hate studio quality music
  10. No problem, any more questions: just PM me
  11. And also, to make it a little faster, you can open task manager, go to process, right click Paint.NET, and change the priority level to high
  12. You can go to the board index, in this forum, and there will be a plug-inn topic.
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