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  1. I'm not constantly negative! But... the positive things I find myself wanting to say are generally very boring... So I stick with the negative yet slightly entertaining comments :D

    EDIT: Maybe next year... I'll make the ball explode... :twisted:


    Need any help with that, let me know!

    BTW: OMG I finally cracked this encryption code:


  2. I'm trying to crack a basic encryption algorithm.

    My code is 0gi8<:Aq

    I know most of the alphebet:

    A :arrow: A

    B :arrow: C

    C :arrow: E

    E :arrow: G

    [please tell me if this is correct]

    And so on....

    My problem is: What comes after the eight, <, and : :!: :?:

    Please help me!

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