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  1. Finger elevens pretty good, in celebration, I counter by downloading some more Nirvana!
  2. LMAO! Thats honestly the first time I've ever actually laughed by reading something someone said!
  3. I've always heard ginger ail as the best remedy.
  4. O yea I'm done with resolutions on the count of I'm so f*****g lazy haha
  5. Need any help with that, let me know! BTW: OMG I finally cracked this encryption code: IKKUGOGZWMUO0X[u0|V;>V6:|<
  6. And I've honestly never watched it before in my life
  7. I didn't relise it was 12:00 till my gf IM'd me haha My Tv isnt even on
  8. Haha, sux 4 u pyrochild New year for me as of 15 minutes ago!
  9. Woo!!! It's 2008 for me as of two minutes ago!!!!!!!
  10. It takes talent to create anything with just a line tool
  11. Well I love it.! I give Wither the honor of being the only perfect 10/10 award i've ever given! I'll have to make you a trophy with PdN. Haha. jk im far too lazy
  12. I do admit Yata's Y's are pretty cool, but the color, light blue, on the grey of this page, don't go good together, and doesn't capture my eye.
  13. Staying up till midnight isn't a huge feat, I'll just wait it out on these forums, as I do every night. Of course no one ever talks to me at 1 or 2 in the morning
  14. Did you draw those monkeys? Btw this post should be in the pictorum
  15. I'm just using this practice to hone my skills, so I'm doing it manually. I just need to know what comes after those special [8, <, :] characters
  16. I'm trying to crack a basic encryption algorithm. My code is 0gi8<:Aq I know most of the alphebet: A :arrow: A B :arrow: C C :arrow: E E :arrow: G [please tell me if this is correct] And so on.... My problem is: What comes after the eight, <, and : :!: :?: Please help me!
  17. Thanks It took like more than an hour to make. :? 8) I'll give you a 5.6 / 10 because there's lots of tutorials about that sig, there's no originality in that sig.
  18. 7:15 [for me] Only a couple hours! Thank God this year is over, it wasn't too good for me
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