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  1. Oh you guys suck! Lol YeterdaY Ha now you know how it feels
  2. Dammit! Now you're just doing that on purpose Jerkfight! Yawn
  3. This is strange... Coke is winning the pole, but everybody posts that they like pepsi... BTW Coke is the best [Although I would rather have Sprite]!!!
  4. I'm angry because people keep making me work with a Y! Haha YttriuM
  5. So... if I tell you, you're going to lick me?! Sorry, but that's not all that appealing.... LMAO Everything Pyrochild has written has made me laugh.
  6. @ Darkshock: There's no strict rules. Lighten up yo Elysia [best band ever]
  7. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you JerkFight?
  8. Sounds good to me. At least you have snow. Snow is looked down apon where we have it, and cherished where they don't. Strange how that works
  9. Ok, now I'm using apophysis. How do you save or copy an image? When I go to save peramiters, it says Error, Cannot Save. When I copy, or copy as UPR, then I try to paste it into Pdn, it says the clipboard contains no image.
  10. Try apophysis Thanks, works better then choascope. And I can't find chaoscope in my add/remove programs menu, so I have to do it manually. Anyone else have this problem?
  11. I still can't get a good decent looking shape out of chaoscope . The only shape I can make is a Julia, and there's not many possibilities there. Anyone know of any other good Fractal "generators"?
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