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  1. Ok, since TPAM didn't dare, I will: I dare TPBM to draw their avatar with only a pencil or paintbrush, without using black, white, or grey.
  2. I'll stick with the hamburger, PdN You shouldn't have to pay to make art on a computer.
  3. Ok first of all, a ten year old isn't a programmer of anything. You're not old enough! And it looks like you're running on Windows 95 or 98. Time for an update.
  4. I would just open the code yourself. It shouldn't be too hard.
  5. I've messed with regedit before. I had to edit shell32 to download the Longhorn Inspirit Bricopack. And I couldn't download anything that involved virus protection, cookies, or shell repair software. So my guess is that it probably wouldn't work. Why do you want to edit anyway?
  6. This is my finished product... Any suggestions on how to improve?
  7. Thanks 4 that, but I want it to look like its allways been one pic, with no divide at all. Is that possible?
  8. I think it would be really cool if half a person knew anything about computers at my school.
  9. I'm a little confused... How is it stuck if you can just click into another tool?
  10. If you want a web layout, you should take on another forum, not the one on PdN. Making a background of a website is one, of very many, small steps in making a website. If you looked, you could probably find a host, a good one will cost money, that will let you use a created background. I know a bit about html/javascript. PM me if you need a little help, or have any questions.
  11. To sum this up, I'm trying to put two pics together. The problem: There slightly different colors where they meet Here's the pic: Please help!!!
  12. I think Wither already did a tut about his abstract looking sig. I could be wrong... I think it was him. ps: Love the sig Wither
  13. The person above me kinda killed it The person below me is wearing a hat
  14. Instead of a water reflection, the one done by mistress-gaia could have used a bleed effect instead.
  15. Taken by my skate photographer (Chris) last Summer.
  16. I'm trying to make a sig that I actually like. I've made a few cool ones. I can't quite get a bloody effect. Ex: I could just get one off the internet, but I want something unique. A tutorial or PM would be nice Thanks
  17. Airbrush can be a little fun sometimes. Its not there though... You could make a plugin for it though
  18. I'm running on Vista Inspirit Ultimate 2, which is a bricopack. I got a similar error when I tried to install the upgrade. It created about 30-40 quick-launch icons, and about 50 desktop icons. I don't know how that happened! So I tried deleting it, then I re-installed it. Somehow that fixed it..... Strange, strange bricopacks Theres a reason there free..... haha
  19. It would be nice. Although maybe not completely necessary. I see what you meen; if someone makes a lot of banners or whatever, they could set the default size to 1000 x 200 agreed
  20. Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal All my favorite bands: Elysia, The Faceless, Pantera, Cradle Of Filth, Serj Tankian, Vader, Suffocation, Cannible Corpse, Bestial Devastation, Behemoth, Behemoth, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Nile, Alien Ant Farm, God Forbid, Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Saosin, Hawthorne Heights, Buckethead, Eminem, Tupac, Nirvana, System of A Down, Damageplan, MegaDeth, Disturbed, Insane Clown Posse, Korn, Rolling Stones, Dashboard Confessional, Hellyea, Iron Maiden, Down, A7X, Rebel Meets Rebel, Slipknot, White Stripes, Superjoint Ritual, Rage Against The Machine, Led Zepplin, Bob Seger, Paramore, Dope, Deep Purple, Nickleback, Three Doors Down, Beastie Boys, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Medic Droid, All She Wrote,Dropkick Murpheys, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, Panic! At The Disco, Kill Hannah. BTW My myspace: myspace.com/pantera1395
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