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  1. Only a couple hours!!! Merry X-Mas to you all 2!
  2. I used this effect with my desktop background: Again, very nice
  3. Heres the new one. Only took about 15 minutes, but I still think it looks pretty good:
  4. Guess my OS Edit: I'm working on a new one right now
  5. Thanks I needed to look it up. Thanks a lot now I feel stupid haha
  6. Does anyone know of a good freeware I can use to get good screenshots? I've had a few in the past, but never had much of a use for them, and I wasn't really satisfied with the quality.
  7. I just started using Chaoscope. It's a bit complicated. Does anyone know of any tuts or something that could help explain it?
  8. I believe this could be classified as Spam
  9. O I no! I can't remember his name but is it the guy with the stick figure pulling out the huge sword and falling down! Right below it it says an annoying .GIF Am I right?
  10. Pens Sony :AntiAliasingOn: Microsoft :?:
  11. Here's a Banner I made for my friend: http://a637.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/im ... ad3964.png And here's something that took me a long time: http://a77.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/ima ... 5538ec.png
  12. I'm JW because I'm bored... About how many people on this forum use a Bricopack? I'm using a Vista Inspirat Ultimate Version Two Bricopack. I used to use a Longhorn Bricopack, but It had System32 errors.
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