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    Music: Theory, guitar, bass, drums, piano.
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  1. yours is actually a great sig i love it although theres something that makes me think it doesnt deserve a 10/10. I dont know what it is but anyway its great 9.999/10 my sig is the first one i have done. also, im new to paint.net so im still learning :wink: EDIT: does anyone know what font ncfan51 is using on the sig?
  2. its called "VTKS Rock Garage Band" i think... you can find it at dafont.com @oma: wow thats hard to believe after seeing your works at your DA account, all i can say is keep up the great work!
  3. @D.C. (Conviction Well that was fast! :wink: thank you!! EDIT: thats amazing, oma!
  4. My try at tracks on sand... im new to paint.net so please tell me what you think!
  5. My try at it I always wanted to know how you did this! amazing tut!
  6. NoWayOut

    Complex Grass

    Awesome!! i can imagine so many things i can do with this! great tut!
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