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  1. 1. Superman Returns 2. Spiderman 1 3. Batman Begins
  2. Me likes fireworks. Me also likes throwing a football while watching fireworks.
  3. ^ shoudn't cry... < actually does have a cold V knows someone named Tim
  4. I agree with CMD completely, as I am a Christian as well. I also lol'd at the MSG4 review.
  5. 'Tis true. Unless you have a craving for cherry in your cola. In which case Cherry Coke pwns (yes, I just wrote pwns) Wild Cherry Pepsi. The latter always tastes watered down... Found this quote from last Christmas in this thread, and I couldn't agree more.
  6. lol. In other news, I'm bored as heck right now.
  7. I watched part of that game. I watched you guys score your first two goals with about 3 minutes in between.
  8. I play keys for an amateur rock band at my church, and I can also play guitar, but I don't really play much.
  9. Be My Escape - Relient K and now: I'm Taking You With Me - Relient K
  10. You didn't miss anything, but people sure have missed you.
  11. I don't know you really at all, but I remember seeing you back in January, and I just realized you were gone. :!:
  12. Apparently the person who made it doesn't know his ABV's very well. How come I never get any PM's?
  13. Mine is the old nickname for my cat, whose real name is Siren. That's what happens when you let your mother name the pets. Dog's name is M, btw.
  14. Dance or Die - Family Force 5 "Dance or die, da-da-da-dance or die--" Sorry.
  15. That's cats for ya. My cat likes to eat grass, come inside, and then throw it up all over the carpet.
  16. Donkey Kong would pwn with his uber Final Smashz!!1 Why do people spell noob with zeroes?
  17. I like the style but it's just a bit too simple for my tastes. 6/10
  18. Mine is basically what BoltBait said, except my shoes are black.
  19. Knowing Nintendo, they probably will ... Mostly I just play Halo 3, Mario Kart Wii, and SSBB nowadays, but occasionally I break out my N64 and play Super Mario 64 or something. I want to get COD4 really badly! :x
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