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  1. 1. Superman Returns 2. Spiderman 1 3. Batman Begins
  2. Me likes fireworks. Me also likes throwing a football while watching fireworks.
  3. ^ shoudn't cry... < actually does have a cold V knows someone named Tim
  4. I agree with CMD completely, as I am a Christian as well. I also lol'd at the MSG4 review.
  5. 'Tis true. Unless you have a craving for cherry in your cola. In which case Cherry Coke pwns (yes, I just wrote pwns) Wild Cherry Pepsi. The latter always tastes watered down... Found this quote from last Christmas in this thread, and I couldn't agree more.
  6. *Miserably fails at concealing laughter*
  7. lol. In other news, I'm bored as heck right now.
  8. I watched part of that game. I watched you guys score your first two goals with about 3 minutes in between.
  9. I play keys for an amateur rock band at my church, and I can also play guitar, but I don't really play much.
  10. Be My Escape - Relient K and now: I'm Taking You With Me - Relient K
  11. You didn't miss anything, but people sure have missed you.
  12. I don't know you really at all, but I remember seeing you back in January, and I just realized you were gone. :!: