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  1. Got it. Hardly ideal but it works. But I find it easier to hit K or H then M before the next copy. I wonder why you use S. Do you do everything with the keyboard instead of using the mouse?
  2. Crazy Man Dan... Well you are making me feel pretty stupid. It seems you have to finish the copy and start all over to get the next copy - redo the selection. Yuck. Am I not understanding your post? I want to do muliple copies of the same selection. If I have to redo the selection, there is a high probability the selections will not be exactly the same.
  3. I find that I often want to copy the same selection in a picture to multiple other places in the picture. While there is a "move selection" tool there doesn't seem to be a "copy selection" tool. Why not?? Some other tools I've tried allow you to copy by drag and drop using the control or shift keys while dragging. Is there an easy way in PdN to do that but I am missing it??