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  1. True, but you could probably infer that it was easier for him. Maybe. o.o
  2. Nice job! Very creative, I like how you overlapped the rim with the "Game Maker."
  3. Thanks to CMD, I started to use my PSP a lot more lately. So in honor of CMD, I made my own CMD-style PSP background. Stock.
  4. Sweet! "Please do not press this button again."
  5. Not to be rude tHs, but it's been bothering me for a while: Depth is spelled with a t. Yes, I know I'm annoying.
  6. That was pure, comedic genius BoltBait. I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. You've got my vote. :wink:
  7. Umm, not sure, I don't really know where you left off. Besides, I never seem to remember anything that goes on after a week or two. On a different note, Smudge works perfectly.
  8. I do enjoy. A lot. Awesome stuff man. Props. Good thing you're back, PDN would be nothing without quality plug-ins.
  9. OMG! He's back! And I'm the first one to reply! Woooooo! P.S. Checkin' out those plugins now. :wink:
  10. Nice job on the tutorial, but I do it a different method. :shock: Just a little different way of doing it: Draw a white line with a 2-3 px Line/Curve tool using bezier curves over your render on a new layer. Erase the parts that should go behind the render. This makes it look more natural, that the lines would actually connect around behind. Taper out the ends to a point using either the eraser tool if it is curvy enough, or a transparency gradient if it is rather flat. Gaussian blur by 1 px. Use Outline Object at a 2-5 px radius and a softness of 253-255. Run glow at default settings
  11. Thanks Olav. I really like your latest painting as well. The rough "scribbly" style that you use for shading is unique and very cool.
  12. Yes, dictionaries have smilies in them. Don't ask.
  13. I assume you are talking about my sig Grizzle? If so, thank you.
  14. Oh, cool. I went to Asia once (China). It was too hot for me. And stinky. Especially in the big cities.
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