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  1. Yeah, I seem to really like photo manipulations now, it's so fun and challenging. To unfocus selective areas, I use the ... Unfocus blur. (What expired? You must be crazy!) And now that you mention it, yes, I do see the 'glitches' at the top of his neck. I'll be sure to fix those.
  2. Yours is my favorite (and has my vote) so far. In other news, a radiation spill near my house has caused some sort of genetic mutation, causing animals to take on traits and characterisitics of other animals ... Well, a picture speaks a thousand words, so I'll just share this pic of what I'm talking about. Stocks: Turtle Snake
  3. Hmm ... lemme dig up the link. Here Mine are: Second in the Winners section. Eighth and tenth in the Runner Ups section.
  4. My happiness: I got second place in the PSDTUTS contest, a PDNer amongst Photoshoppers, has proved that PDN can be just as good as PS!
  5. Good for a first try. However, a little too much, I'm afraid. All that empty white space isn't really a good thing, you should try to fill it up more. :?
  6. It's him. He has the same avatar (the second one) on TagFlow.
  7. Ha! I remember I was watching The Late Show (with Jay Leno). It was back around Father's Day, and he was talking about getting a new GPS for your dad. He was like "Oh, no man would listen to that GPS woman's voice." So he got into the fake car with the "new GPS" thing, and then when it said to turn right, and he didn't, a hand burst out of the car holding a gun and the GPS started screaming. Lol.
  8. Well, he is one of the best tag makers on these forums. Best way to learn is from examples. [/sort of Ash] And actually, nothing is PDN. Just cut stuff out, cloned stuff out, smudged a lot. :o So ... yar. Not real good.
  9. Yes, I can see how it could be some sort of scrap of metal, twisted and bent by some sort of explosion or something.
  10. What ... the ... :shock: How ...? That looks AWESOME (excuse my shouting, it really is necessary in this case). The metal, and the cloth (that's what it looks like to me, dirty, grungy cloth) look extremely photo-realistic. Heck, if you hadn't said it was 100% PDN, I would've thought that they were photo manipulations! Very nice job, love it, love it, love it. Show more please.
  11. Thanks Lego. Avatar could use a border though. :wink:
  12. If you guys would be so inclined to read the file name of every image you see, you would know that this is a test, a first of many. If going around viewing Element Properties is not your thing, well then, I'll tell you: This is a test tag thingy. I know it looks like a great big heap of ... nasty stuff, which is why I want (and need) constructive criticism, since I kinda suck at this sort of stuff. The only thing that I like is the text. Stock found here. I already see a few things I probably should fix, but am too lazy to right now.
  13. Well, it's my last day (actually, few hours) in D.C. Had to wake up at 4 AM today, waiting for our plane to start boarding. It was delayed, again, for a mechanical issue, so we're going to get an update on that at 7. Next time I post, I'll probably be back home, in good ol' California.
  14. Thank you. :oops: Very nice result, I like how you added that neon-y glow around the inside. Glad you enjoyed my tutorial, and that it helped you learn more about PDN! Keep up the great work! You shouldn't merge layers until the very end, where you should use the Flatten command found under the Layers menu, not the Merge Down button on the Layers window.
  15. It's somewhat hot here in DC. But in our hotel room, it's a cool sixty something degrees. 8)
  16. Second day in DC today. We're back at the hotel, and tired too. We got up pretty late, but we spent the whole rest of the day at The Mall, visiting museums. We went to the Museum of Native American thingies, the National Museum of Air and Space, and the National Art Gallery thing. It took 6 or 7 hours altogether.
  17. Lol. I figured you would like it better if I called you by your real name, not by some ASCII-ized version of it. Congrats on your new(ish) computer, I wish I could have a new one, my laptop is screwed up. I'm on my dad's laptop as we were not allowed to bring mine, so ... No PDN. No Firefox (Sorry CMD and all you Firefox advocates, it aggravates me too). I'm using IE7 right now. :o It's 12 AM here, and I'll be probably going to sleep soon. Tomorrow we're going to The Mall, dunno what it is, but my parents said we're going so ... yeah.
  18. Will that affect your chances of winning the Miscellaneous Contest? :o
  19. Thanks Dalton. I'm currently posting from my hotel room, it's 10:30 PM here. We're staying a few blocks away from Capitol Hill, at the Hyatt. We got here a few hours ago at 7. I'll drop by again tomorrow morning.
  20. Thanks. I'll be gone for 5-6 days, but I'll drop in once in a while. (read: every single day)
  21. Leaving for D.C. today. I'm posting this from the airport, and our plane got delayed. :?
  22. What? That's horrible! ... You could've spent that time working on your LAOTW entry.
  23. Too bad the link doesn't lead to an actual article. EDIT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gecko_engine
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