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  1. Haha yeah, I saw that. I started talking to my friend on AIM in lolcatspeak, and he got really annoyed.
  2. Dell works fine for me. I've had my Dell Inspiron 700m for a very long while now.
  3. More like a TVp to me , but if you imagine the "f" being one of those fancy ones, then you can kind of make out a "Tf". Yeah, after I study it for a bit I can see the 'Tf', but at first glance I read 'Vp.'
  4. Nonsense! It's your party! How was it in Orlando?
  5. Yay! David's back! :AddNoise: :AddNoise: EDIT: And immediately starts to tidy things up!
  6. I agree, it looks better than before. However, the tree looks somewhat awkward in my opinion, the branches area looks quite too short and wide, maybe extending it up a little? Maybe even have it breaking out of the sig's boundaries, since you still have 30 pixels of height to add on before reaching the limit. Other than that, I like it!
  7. Thanks! Can't wait to see your finished work!
  8. Happy anniversary ... thingy ... Nab! I've only been on these forums for 7 months. :shock:
  9. A meteor burning up in the atmosphere? Never woulda thought of it. Great job!
  10. I like the variations you put on it, good job! As for the lens flares, I have used the plugin before with no problems, so I'm not sure what's wrong.
  11. To enter a hex code, go to the color window and hit the 'More >>' button. There will be a field at the middle right where you enter the number.
  12. You know what would look cool? If bb00 used his super awesome metal text (which he should totally do a tutorial on :wink: ) on that logo.
  13. Gradient Mapping can be found under the Adjustments menu, not the Effects.
  14. No, actually I didn't. The primary reason for this is that I am too lazy. Another reason is that I probably can't remember exactly how I did it.
  15. When you select the gradient tool, go to the little bar near the top, and change :AllColorChannels: to :AlphaChannel: . Hope this helps!
  16. Nice on pablo! Glad you enjoyed my tut.
  17. The rainbow sig tut was made by LFC4EVER. And thanks! You did a very nice job on the Ignite sig.
  18. You can find these options at the top left corner of the PDN window. The specific options will look like this: Draw Shape Outline: :ShapeOutline: (default) Draw Filled Shape: :ShapeInterior: Draw Filled Shape with Outline: :ShapeBoth:
  19. Hehe, lucky for you. The People's Republic of Socialist Romanistan isn't (read: doesn't sound) anywhere close to California. Looking forward to your pseudo depth of field piece. Thing.
  20. Yes way. Anyways, I found this little guy floating in my pool. :shock: Stocks Turtle Duck
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